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What is necrospermia and the causes of necrospermia

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Necrospermia brings much suffering to patients and it leads to male infertility. To know the treatment, we would better to learn the causes of necrospermia at first. 

What is necrospermia
Sperms are produced in the convoluted seminiferous tubule of testicle. Under the microscope, a sperm looks like little tadpole with a round head and a slender tail. But sperms might die for varied reasons. When the death rate is higher than 50%, we call it necrospermia, which will cause male infertility.
Causes of necrospermia
The causes of necrospermia are varied, including mycoplasma and chlamydia infectious prostatitis,vesiculitis and orchitis. Male infertility induced by these reasons is a world wide  issue. Patients with this illness have to suffer untold misery: not only lingering at different andrology departments in hospitals, spending large amount of money and energy, but also enduring painful pressure from their family and the society. Western medicine on this illness usually takes long cycle of treatment but has not quick results. Nowadays, Wuhan Li Xiaoping Chinese Medicine Clinic develops a miraculous Chinese medicine named “Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill”. The clinic applies testing results of western medicine into traditional Chinese medicine theory to guide the clinical medication. It applies Chinese drugs to help in detoxifcation and sterilization. Persisting in the pattern identification and treatment, Dr. Lee combines the knowledge from Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine to have a better understanding of the diseases. Only through this method, can we reach the compatibility of medicine and cure the disease radically. It is exactly the secret of Dr. Lee to cure necrospermia. In three to four months treatment, chlamydia and mycoplasma test result would turn negative, prostate and semen routine tests would turn normal, and then the illness is totally healed. This treatment changes patients’ life in a short time. It helps patients to recover from the disease, defend their family harmony, and rebuild their happy life. 
After produced in the convoluted seminiferous tubule of testicle, sperms firstly enter the epididymis, and then go into the seminal vesicule through spermaduct. seminal vesicle secretes seminal vesicle fluid to provide necessary substance for their living.
If bacteria in the urethra get into the prostate, vesicula seminalis , spermaduct, epididymis and testicle through the ejaculatory duct, it probably causes inflammatory affection, result in prostatitis, vesiculitis, vasitis, epididymitis, etc. When bacteria reproduce in the genital tract, they secrete some kind of hazardous substance to sperms; bacteria reproduction also needs great amount of nutriment, hence, it decreases nutriment provided to sperms, destroys sperms living environment, kills sperms and results in necrospermia; numerous acid products are discharged while bacteria reproducing, which lower the PH value in genital tract, make sperms dead for acidosis; bacteria reproduction also consumes a great deal of oxygen and forms a oxygen-poor environment for sperms, finally causes necrospermia. To sum up, bacterial infection in genital system leads to necrospermia. Therefore, prostatitis and urethritis should be treated as early as possible, in order to avoid sperms death for bacterial reproduction. 
Symptoms of necrospermia
Some patients have no clinical symptom; some might have symptoms of spermatorrhea,prospermia or lack of sexual desire; some might suffer from prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis. The patients would find the symptoms like orchialgia, perineum pain, abdominal pain, inguinodynia etc. They could take nomal semen test to identify the disease.
Necrospermia means that sperms are identified dead according to times of semen tests. Under normal circumstances, the sperms’ survival ratio should be above 70% after semen discharged for one hour, if the dead sperms are more than 40%, it affect fertilization; the sperms’ survival ratio should be above 20% in six hours, if no sperms are living after six hours, it will result in infertility. Fructose in seminal vesicle has immediate connection with sperms' status. If the fructose content reduces, nutriments will reduce, sperms death rate will go high. Certain amount of abnormal sperms is unavoidable, and we think it normal when the rate is under 10%. But when the rate is higher than 10% or even reach 20%, infertility will happen, usually accompanying with semen quality problems such as bad liquefaction and low vitality. 
How to Cure necrospermia
It is figured out that necrospermia is caused by prostatitis, vesiculitis, ejaculatory duct inflammation, epididymitis and orchitis. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine could heal necrospermia by hearing these diseases. 
TCM cures prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis and orchitis to cure necrospermia 
According to western medicine, it is discovered that prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis are caused by bacteria, virus, mycoplasma,chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Their infection and irritation towards prostate,seminal vesicle, testicle and parorchis will result in pathology of organ hyperplasia and fibrocystic changes, glandular organ hardening, shrinking and sublingual ducts blockage. Because the prostate,seminal vesicle,parorchis and testicle are close to each other and the glandular tubes are connected, the "Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill” take effect for clearing away heat and toxic material and are able to remove all kinds of bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia in three months. The prescription strengthens the effectiveness in promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, softening hard lumps and dispeling nodes. By the means of detoxification and sterilization, the prescription is capable of preventing fibrosis, softening glandular organs to clear glandular tubes, so as to remove orchialgia, perineum pain, abdominal pain and inguinodynia at prostate, seminal vesicle, parorchis and testicle. The “Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill” can cure prostatitis, vesiculitis, vasitis and epididymitis, thus, to heal necrospermia and the male infertility. 

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