What Is Asthenozoospermia?(3)

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Step 1
Describe the condition in detail, marriage and childbirth, frequency of sex, the satisfaction of sexual life, ejaculation disorders and previous diagnosis and treatment.
Step 2
Careful physical examination, including the development of secondary signs (e.g., laryngeal node, beard, etc.), testis, epididymis, spermatic cord, etc.
Step 3
To finish the auxiliary examination, which mainly includes semen routine analysis, level of sex hormones, chromosome detection, etc.
Because each person'sperson's condition is different, so the treatment method may be different. Patients should go to the hospital for examination and receive scientific treatment under the guidance of the doctor. The common treatment methods for asthenospermia are as follows:
1. Medication
A considerable part of the asthenospermia cases is caused by infection, so first of all, the anti-infection needs to be taken. Patients can be treated with medicine, and the specific medication is carried out according to the doctor's order. In addition to conventional drugs, asthenospermia caused by chronic prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis can also take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
2. Surgical treatment
The severe asthenospermia caused by varicocele should be treated by operation.
3. IVF
For patients with mild or moderate condition who can not be improved with medication, artificial insemination can be used. IVF or ICSI technology can also be considered for patients with severe or severe asthenospermia and multiple failures of artificial insemination.
3. Other treatment
Patients need to correct bad habits, such as excessive smoking, drinking, sauna and so on, which will reduce or affect sperm motility. Therefore, for patients with asthenospermia, rest and relieve psychological pressure are also helpful for the treatment.
Prevention of male infertility is as important as treatment. Men should pay attention to protecting their fertility, quit smoking, drink less, keep away from radiation and toxic chemicals, less sauna or hot sitz bath, and wear comfortable underwear made of cotton. Male fertility will decrease with the increase of age, and 25 to 35 years is the best age for births.

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