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What is epididymitis and what is orchitis?

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Epididymitis and Orchitis is a condition affecting the testis and epididymus (a long structure on the posterior surface of the testes, that stores and matures sperm before if is expelled through the ductus deferens). The condition normally results from ascending infection of the urinary tract, which tracks from the bladder to the male gonads. 

The occurrence of these conditions in isolation is rare, with epididymitis and orchitis normally occurring together. In the US, it is estimated that there are 600,000 cases of this condition each year, occurring most commonly in the 19-35 year old age group.
Who can get epididymitis and orchitis?
The most common association with this disease is unprotected sexual intercourse and a promiscuous sexual lifestyle. As the bacteria that cause these diseases are primarily sexually-transmitted, patients who maintain such a lifestyle are at increased rick of developing an infection. The condition is also more common among those patients with a history of urethral stricture (narrowing of the urethra) which allows easier access of bacteria to infect the urinary tract. Other predisposing factors include the use of long term urinary catheters, being an uncircumcised male and recent major infections. However, in many cases the cause cannot be identified. 
How is Epididymitis and Orchitis Diagnosed?
The patient with a suddenly painful testicle must be assessed carefully to exclude certain surgical emergencies such as testicular torsion (twisting of the spermatic cord which can cut off the blood supply and drainage of the testis). Blood tests and urinary samples will be taken to investigate general signs of infection. 
As epididymitis and orchitis occurs frequently, you should go to see the doctor immediately once you feel the symptoms of this disease. If you left untreated, your body will suffer more severe problems. Epididymitis and orchitis can cause male infertility. The doctor can give you help when you consult the doctor.

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