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Why does antibiotics hard to treat prostatitis?

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Prostate Inflammation caused by bacteria, mycoplasma and chlamydia stimulates the prostate and causes dropsy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia and organic fibrosis, calcify, blockage of prostatic duct and other prostatitic pathological changes. 

Unobstructedness leads no pain while obstructedness leads pain. Due to the obstruction of the Qi and blood in prostate, patients suffer from symptoms of didymalgia, bearing-down pain in the perineum, distending pain in the hypogastrium, pain in the groin and femoribus internus.
Resistance to antibiotic will show up after taking the western antibiotic medicine for long. As a result, there is no treatment effect to continue taking the western antibiotic medicine. What’s more, the western antibiotic medicine cannot relieve pain, bearing-down pain, and cannot eliminate the dropsy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia and organic fibrosis, calcify, blockage of prostatic duct and other symptoms. That’s why the western antibiotic medicine has its difficulty in curing prostatitis.
Even though some patients are sensitive to antibiotic medicine, they can achieve the purpose of diminishing inflammation by turning the mycoplasma and chlamydia to negative. However, inflammation caused by bacteria mycoplasma and chlamydia stimulates prostate, causes dropsy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia and decrease of lecithin corpusculum. All these may lead to chronic prostatitis or nonbacterial prostatitis which western antibiotic medicine cannot deal with or cure.
Based on the above analysis, patients often meet with failures by taking western antibiotic medicine to cure prostatitis. Many patient had had such experience which made them lose confidence and even misled them into regarding prostatitis as a kind of "cancer". 

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