Wuhan Dr.Lee replies to questions about Prostatitis Treatment

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Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the medicine for prostatitis treatment, which is developed by Wuhan Dr. Li of TCM have healed countless prostatitis patients. Here Dr. Li provides answers to the patients’ most concerned questions about treatment as follows:
Question 1. What are the symptoms of prostatits?

Lower abdominal pain, testicle pain, burning or painful urination, inguinodynia, pain in the lower back and perineum area, anus fall, acratia, hypogonadism, urgent and frequent urinate, urinate endless and hesitancy, uroclepsia, bifurcation of urination, weak stream of urine, blood urine, hemospermia, white drops in urine. 
Question 2.  What are the causes of prostatits?

Congestion of prostate caused by various reasons is the major pathogenic factor:
1. Unclean sexual life; excessive sexual life or masturbation.
2. Sit or stand for too long, pressure on perineum that make congestion of prostate or congestion at certain region, result in nonbacterial prostatitis. 
3. In TCM theory, unhealthy living habits of alcohol abuse, oily food greediness tend to create obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, cause Qi and blood blockage at prostate. 
4. Various microorganisms, such as bacteria, protozoan, fungus and virus could be source of infection of prostatitis. They probably form gonococcus, non-gonococcus, etc. Mycoplasma infection is the major cause of chronic prostatitis
5. Psychological factors: chronic non-gonococcus prostatitis patients sometimes overstress in the feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and gloom, which lead to prostatitis. Psychological factors also affect treatment effect. 
Questions 3. Why does tonic cannot cure impotence and prospermia caused by prostatitis, but make it worse? 

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