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The comparison of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis

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Acute bacterial prostatitis

This is when symptoms develop quickly. It usually occurs at the same time as a urine infection. Therefore, you may also have a bladder infection (cystitis). Bacteria (germs) are found in your urine if a urine sample is taken.

Symptoms include:
Pain from your prostate, which may be severe. You feel this mainly at the base of your penis, around your anus, and lower back. Pain may spread to your penis and testes. Passing stools (faeces) can be painful.
Symptoms of a urine infection. For example: pain when you pass urine, passing urine frequently, an urgent desire to pass urine, and sometimes blood in your urine.
Fever (high temperature). General aches and pains. You generally feel ill.
A slight discharge (thick fluid) may come out of your penis from your urethra.
Your prostate feels tender if a doctor examines it with a gloved finger in your rectum.
Chronic bacterial prostatitis
This is when the infection and symptoms develop more slowly. The infection is normally just in your prostate, and you do not have any other infection such as a bladder infection. Symptoms are not as dramatic as with an acute infection. The symptoms may 'drag on', or come and go. 
Symptoms may include:
Pain similar to acute infection (described above) but usually not as severe.
Ejaculation may be painful. The pain may vary in severity from day to day.
Mild urinary irritation. You may have: mild pain when you pass urine, an urgent desire to pass urine at times, some hesitancy when trying to pass urine, a poor urinary stream. You may have general tiredness, and 'aches and pains'.
Your prostate may feel tender, but not always, if a doctor examines it with a gloved finger in your rectum.

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