Can Chronic Prostatitis Recur after Being Cured by Chinese Herbal Medicine?(3)

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Recurrent chronic prostatitis also has a lot to do with bad psychology at ordinary times. Pessimistic, negative, depressed, anxious, depressed, and other negative emotions will lead to endocrine disorders and affect immune function. When the immune power is relatively low, it will also lead to recurrence.
During the treatment, the following treatment principles should also be followed:
1. It is advisable to eat nutritious and digestible food and form good eating habits;
2. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, to keep the stool unobstructed;
3. Avoid spicy and irritant food;
4. Quit smoking and drinking;
5. Avoid holding urine and keep perineum warm;

6. Regular sex, do not masturbate frequently;
7. Take part in more exercises to enhance immunity;
Chinese herbal medicine has its special curative effect in the treatment of prostatitis. The treatment duration depends on the individual differences, and it is also related to the severity of the patient's condition, the sensitivity to traditional Chinese medicine, and the patient's constitution. Finally, best wishes for your recovery!

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