What Are the Symptoms of Seminal Vesiculitis? How to Get Rid of It?

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Seminal vesiculitis is an inflammation of seminal vesicle. It usually exists together with chronic prostatitis. This inflammation will bring much pain and discomfort, and even induce sexual dysfunction and male infertility. Some males ignore the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis in the early stages and delay the treatment, which causes the problem more complicated. 

seminal vesiculitis
Symptoms of seminal vesiculitis

Patients will suffer from lower abdominal pain and the pain will be severer after ejaculation. That is why seminal vesiculitis patients will also have low sex drive and premature ejaculation. Besides, the seminal vesicle will be enlarged, tender and painful.  
Blood in semen

In general, this inflammation will cause blood in semen. The semen will be pink, red with blood clot. A large number of red blood cells will be found in semen under a microscope. This symptom will be more obvious when a man have acute seminal vesiculitis.  
The change of seminal vesicle

Digital rectal examination is required to find out the change of the affected seminal vesicle. The patient will have an enlarged and tender seminal vesicle if he has an acute inflammation. However, patients will acute seminal vesiculitis shouldn’t be performed massage or equipment inspection. Patients with chronic inflammation will have an enlarged, harden seminal vesicle that with tenderness.     

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