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Urinary Tract Infection: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

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Urinary tract infection happens most typically at the bottom of the urinary tract. If this condition is left alone, the infection can gradually spread to other parts such as bladder, urethra,kidneys, etc. In fact, women are with a higer risk of urinary tract infection than men. As we know, the basic function of urinary system is to remove the waste out from the body. Once the waste products are excreted, the stability of salts is actually taken care of in your body, as well as helps the production of the hormone, which assists the development of RBC. In addition, urine is actually excreted from the urethra in the bladder.

Causes of urinary tract infection
Women tend to be more vunerable to suffer from urianry tract infection because urethras of them are smaller than those of men. This infection helps bacteria move faster to other parts of tract. Generally, ignorance of hygiene and unprotected sex are causes of urinary tract infection. As a matter of fact, women who take contraceptive medicines or who are in the menopause state are prone to have urinary tract infection. Also, If a woman has other diseases which is caused by bacteria, virus or other pathogens, she is more susceptible to suffer from UTI. Besides, if women suffer injuries in urethra, it provides a chance for bacteria. 
Types of urinary infection
Urethritis -- Triggered when urethra is contaminated
Cystitis -- Triggered when bladder is infected
Pyelonephritis -- Triggered once the kidneys are infected.
Urinary tract infection isn't really severe when it's handled promptly. Otherwise, this disease can lead to serious situation by causing long-term damage to kidneys. Instant medical assist throughout the preliminary stages may avoid the infection from distributing to the kidneys.
Signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection
Very easily diagnosable signs and symptoms can be found. Getting the understanding of these types of signs and symptoms will help you to determine urinary tract infection quicker. Burning feeling is actually the most typical sign of this disease. 
Many people might encounter a continuing urge, although very little urine is discharged. Sensation of heaviness within the belly is an additional symptom. If you're struggling with discomfort in the aspect of the back again, or even underneath the ribs, maybe this is a particular sign of an infection.Moreover, a fever as well as chills are both significant signs and symptoms.
Prevention of urinary tract infection
Drinking large amount of water is a great way to stay healthy. Cranberry may end up being excellent for urinary system. You are able to have cranberry liquid or even consider cranberry tablets. Urinating as often as you possibly can is a great routine for cleaning urination.
Treatment of urinary tract infection
Usually, remedy for urinary tract infection is not complex. The doctor will prescribe you antibiotic and give you some matters need attention. Drinking water can help the body to deplete away the bladder. Finish all the pills as the doctor ordered. However, not all people can recover after taking antibiotic, some people can never cured by antibiotic.If you have met this situation, please do not worry, traditional Chinese medicine can help you. We know that if antibiotic can’t solve the problem, the medicine may have caused resistance. So the treatment is in vain. While, TCM will not cause drug resistance and side effects.Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is applied to eliminate bacteria in lessions and help regulate patients’ whole immune system. Within three to four mounths, suffers can get rid of urinary tract infection and do not need to worry relapse.

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