6 Alternative Treatments For Patients With Bladder Infection(2)

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Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a home remedy for bladder infection. It can inhibit the growing and breeding of varieties of pathogenic bacteria, keep the integrity of the bladder wall and the normal urinary pH value. So drinking cranberry juice can work great and prevent the bacteria from remaining in the bladder.

Appropriate dress

It’s beneficial for bladder infection patients to wear loose and cotton clothes. Tight clothes can lead to the breeding of bacteria since the warm and moist environment can increase the growth of bacteria. Thus, loose and causal clothes can prevent the bladder from infecting by bacteria.

Heating pads

If the medications can’t relieve the pain and discomfort effectively, you can put a low heating pads across your abdomen and back so that the pain during the bladder infection can be relieved.

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