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Male infertility caused by prostatitis get cured

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1 Personal information

Name: Mr. Feng, male, 27, address: Zhejiang, treatment time: June 2005
2 Major symptoms
The patient had suffered from prostatitis for 7 years. According to the routine check of prostate: escherichia coli, candida infections, and lecithin corpuscle 1 plus sign. For routine check of semen: non-liquescence of semen after one hour, 20% of semen livability. Testicular pain, perineum bulge and lower abdominal distension are the symptoms, very severe.
3 Previous treatments
For 6 years he went to hospitals in Zhejiang and Hangzhou and he was treated in a large hospital for one year. All failed. And he got divorced due to the prostatitis. He suffered from the disease for 7 years and treated it with 7 years. He had spent 60 000 Yuan for the cost of Western medicine and did not reach his expectation.
4 My treatment cured his illness
When he learned that my clinic can treat prostatitis and male infertility with traditional Chinese medicine, he contacted us for treatment. After two-month-long treatment, his symptoms were still the same due to sexual intercourse. I asked him to restrict the habit of sexual intercourse and try to lie for rest. After he took the medicine for 4 months, he did routine check of prostate and it returned to normal, lecithin corpuscle 3 plus signs. After 5 months, routine check of semen showed normal, indication: semen liquefied after 20 minutes, normal livability of semen and he was cured. There was some occasional symptoms, which disappeared after 2-month-long consolidated treatment. The patient said emotionally that he didn't think his prostatitis can be cured.

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