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Does masturbation cause prostatitis?

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 A lot of people that have prostatitis, ascribe to oneself masturbation habit, actually proper masturbation has effect of prevention and cure to prostatitis!

The doctor knows, husband and wife is long-term substation, interrupt sexual intercourse, bear essence of life to be not shot, meet those who bring about prostatitis to happen. And have a kind of conversation I think everybody has listened, masturbate for a long time, perhaps masturbate transfer, can bring about prostatitis. However, this is kind of full of prunes view, this is to had not sufferred higher education to perhaps had not accepted medicine to teach the doctor that perhaps knows bit of fur again to just be met some thoughts. Thought to explain superficial knowledge, it is an expert, this is completely in misdirect everybody, everybody also need not worry about troubles of one’s own imagining, so I will to everybody define why won’t bring about prostatitis about masturbating instead conduce prevents and cure.
Masturbation already was limitted to be one of human normality behavior, this is in male crowd particularly general, so masturbation is not abnormal absolutely. Alleged masturbation is excessive the formulation that also is a kind of palter. Person body has an ego to protect a mechanism, no matter you do what thing, once exceeded physiology limit, body nature is met make response. Resemble ran, if the body allows you to run only 3000 meters, you also ran to be not moved again to 3000 meters of above. Masturbation also is this truth, want you to be able to erect only, can ejaculate, that is not excessive. However, a normal man, after ejaculation, erect very hard again quickly, also won’t cause unending congestion. Every time when the gender is excited, prostate and seminal vesicle produce high hyperaemia, till ejaculation hind ability can return to normal gradually, if prostatitis patient does not have the phenomenon that sexual life also did not masturbate for long, do not have ejaculation behavior completely, just goes against the elimination of prostatitis symptom, instead, proper masturbation conduces to the rehabilitation of prostatitis. Without the person of prostatitis, and below the condition that does not have sexual spouse, can return precaution through masturbating, is this why? Because the prostate fluid in seminal fluid occupies 1/3 about,this is, in the process that discharges essence of life, the secretion of partial phlogistic sex in gland fluid also is met subsequently eduction, be beneficial to the metabolism of the dredge of prostate conduit and gland fluid. So, expert expert thinks, normal masturbation has certain active sense, to the prostatitis patient of maiden male, and married man because husband and wife is short-term live apart, be away on official business, cannot go up too from the reason such as different, bereft of one’s spouse the patient that normal husband and wife lives, proper masturbation has profit. We regard measurable masturbation the sexual life of husband and wife of moderate pattern here.
Masturbate for a long time besides or masturbation is frequent person, masturbation is not the inducement that brings about prostatitis directly, if be long-term and frequent masturbation, organ of can exciting reproduction often is in bloodshot condition, those who cause pudenda or cystic division is unwell, nephritic disease is sent, and go to the lavatory again in bloodshot condition transmission move of the bacterium, move toward bloodshot area, so ability can bring about prostatitis.
Expert warmth hints: Measurable masturbation has certain profit, in addition, do not indulge sexual life, as far as possible abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, avoid to eat hot food, do not want hold back make water, do motion to enhance strength more, the life that lets you has the law more, the body that invites you is more healthy.

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