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Harmony: TCM concept to treat the seminal vesiculitis

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Seminal vesiculitis refers to the inflammatory lesions occurred in seminal vesicle, it is often simultaneously with the onset of prostatitis. Clinically, the seminal vesiculitis can be divided into two categories: the acute seminal and the chronic seminal. The latter one is common while the former is the opposite. The disease is characterized by semen contain blood, so it also be called "hemospermia".

Most men are familiar with this word, and many patients will appear the symptoms of seminal abdominal pain, urinary frequency, urgency and urinary symptoms such as a burning sensation, even they may have the ejection fine if it is serious. Acute seminal mostly performance is red sperm along with the seminal abdominal pain, urinary frequency, urgency. But the chronic seminal break out repeatedly, with blood clots in semen, pubic area ache, perineal discomfort, or a loss of libido, etc.
And the male reproductive system are closely linked, if infected seminal vesicle inflammation, then it is easily spread to other tissues, which can cause prostatitis , epididymitis, orchitis and so on. They may first have the feeling that western medicine is better, but it cannot effect a radical cure for this kind of disease. So at this time, the TCM is a good choose. TCM holds the view that man is a whole unit, only the overall is harmony and unity, then people won't get sick or pain.
The biggest characteristic of TCM theory is the harmony and unity. Now we use traditional chinese medicine theory, the seminal divided into the following.
Symptom: hemospermia and obvious pain ejaculation and lower abdomen and perineum pain, with irritability, red eyes, hypochondriac pain and so on. The treatment is clear the damp and hot, cold blood bleeding.
2.Fire excess from yin deficiency
Symptom: hemospermia, seminal emission, night sweats, irritability, dysphoria hot, and painful ejaculation.The treatment is nourishing Yin and falling fire and cold blood bleeding.
3.Deficiency of spleen and kidney
Symptom: Body tired to eat less, or insomnia, or palpitations. The treatment is spleen invigorating and kidney nourishing, astringing for hemostasis.
In fact, the most significant TCM in treating the seminal vesiculitis is the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It hold a better effect on the damp-heat, fire excess from yin deficiency and the deficiency of spleen and kidney. And it also successfully brought the gospel to many patients.

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