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Health Preserving

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

Health PreservingThe saying "Health Preserving"was first found in Zhuang Zi. "Health preserving refers to the health care activities which can prevent from diseases, can build the body, or can defer aging.

"Science of health preserving of TCM" is a systematic theory which is based on TCM theories, to research the bionomy, to explore the mechanism of aging, to find methods to prolong a better health.

The procedure of the life is changing according to natural law. It is the principle that the human birth, grow, age, and die. Thus, TCM call the ending years of a human's life as "years belong to the God".

By adjusting or improving the diet, exercises, and life styles, the immunity can be improved, and the body is in a balance of Yin and Yang, so that the body is at a best condition.
Health preserving is significant to preventing from diseases and enhance the life quality.