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Diet is so startling that pain condition of interstitial cystitis is managed by cutting pizza and alcohol

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Currently, this is big health news on Dailymail that has attracted people's attention. According to the report, it shows that trainee teacher who suffered agonising cystitis for 17 years has managed to get her condition under control - by cutting out pizza and alcohol.
Sarah Carr said for years she felt like she needed to go to the toilet 50 times a day - but urinating was like 'passing razor blades.' The now-23-year-old was bullied at school by children in primary school who told her she should 'wear a nappy' as she ran for the loo.
Teachers thought she was making up her symptoms to get out of class and doctors didn't know what was wrong with her. But finally, it emerged she had the serious condition interstitial cystitis, which causes recurring pain, urgency, a need to pass water frequently and a burning sensation when passing urine.  
After reading leaflets about her condition she found a surprising cure: cutting out some of her favourite foods – including pizza and sweets.
Interstitial cystitis is triggered by inflammation of the bladder wall, which can follow childbirth, surgery or repeated bouts of bladder infections, though sometimes there is no known cause. While most cases of cystitis clear up on their own or with antibiotics, interstitial cystitis does not respond to the drugs and can turn into a painful long-term condition that is hard to treat.  
"I still needed to use the toilet more often than most people but I wasn't sprinting off to the loo as much", Sarah Carr said, "It became less painful to urinate."
She is still learning to live with the condition, and still has to plan long journeys and nights out. She said: "When I have a flare up, I do have to dash to the ladies 50 times a day. She said: "I have to plan long journeys to make sure there are plenty of toilet breaks and when I go out with friends. But for now, Miss Carr believes cutting out trigger foods will allow her to live a near-normal life.
Once suffering from this disease, dashing to the loo every five minutes would be a nightmare. In our daily life, diet is very important to cure disease, especially for the IC. However, diet is not enough to cure this condition because it is an assistant therapy. Besides, the disease condition is easy to recur and may be aggravated without timely treatment. So the medical treatment is essential to treat interstitial cystitis
In western treatments, sufferers have had catheters fitted, or even had their bladder removed when no other treatment options have been successful. In fact, patients should not have had these sufferings. Sufferers can change their treatment to Traditional Chinese treatment. A new medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, been approved by the SIPO, works well on the interstitial cystitis. It terminates this condition not only releasing the huge and 'passing razor blades' pain but also curing the nightmare urinary frequency and urgency.