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Two Men Opened Up About Living With "Long COVID"

Date:2021-01-07 click:0
Conversations about the effects of COVID-19 tend to be binary. There are the young, who are fortunate enough to be asymptomatic, or to suffer with nothing more than a headache, a sniffle and a temporary loss of taste and smell. Then there are the less fortunate—the vulnerable and sick.
But the truth, as ever, is nuanced. A recent survey published by the Office for National Statistics in the UK suggests one in 10 people who test positive for COVID-19 still have symptoms 12 weeks later. What's more, some people are still experiencing symptoms 10 months after the first onset of illness – many of them formerly fit and well.
This is what's known as "long COVID" and it includes a range of symptoms, from fatigue, breathlessness and joint pain, to debilitating headaches and poor mental health. NHS England is now funding a new network of clinics to assist with rehabilitation.
As part of our project investigating the mental health fallout of COVID-19, our colleagues at Men's Health UK spoke to two men who have struggled with long COVID.