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Why does male prostatitis cause sexual dysfunction?

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Male sexual dysfunction mainly refers to premature ejaculation, impotence, coldness, erectile dysfunction, and sexual intercourse disorders.  The cause of sexual dysfunction does not rule out the reason that the foreskin is too long, the glans sensitivity is increased, the age is increased, the mental function is degraded, the mental stress is increased, and the immunity is decreased.  However, if you have sexual dysfunction for a long time, you should consider it related to genital inflammation, such as prostatitis It is a common cause.
Why do prostatitis cause sexual dysfunction? In fact, prostatitis is not directly caused by sexual dysfunction or sexual dysfunction, and more is caused by indirect reasons.
For example, prostatitis causes the patient's own urinary irritation, urethral redness, swelling of the shade, discomfort, perineal congestion, back pain, and anal fall.  If sexual conduct occurs at this time, it is difficult to play a normal level in sexual life and to reach the feeling of orgasm. In the long-term stimulation of this uncomfortable sexual life, gradually sexual desire will also decline.
For example, because the prostate gland sac, the opening of the prostate duct, and the opening of the ejaculatory duct are all located on the "fine sputum", the "fine sputum" part is distributed with abundant nerves, which is a sexy area where high "sexual excitement" occurs.  Some prostatitis may involve fine sputum, which has adverse effects on sexual function. Peripheral inflammation can lead to ejaculation pain, so fear of ejaculation, and even loss of libido may induce impotence.  Also due to the inflammatory effect, the threshold of excitability changes, which may lead to ejaculation delay or no ejaculation.
Especially in patients with chronic prostatitis, because of prolonged exposure to prostatitis, and may be complicated by general malaise, fever, chills, insomnia, decreased immunity, etc., it may cause mental stress and anxiety, and even depression to of having sex.
In fact, although prostatitis is difficult to treat, it is not untreated and can be cured. Blood circulative, anti-inflammatory, diuretic detoxificative and sterilization drugs to completely cure, especially such as Chinese herbal medicine, Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill can reduce drug resistance and side effects, for chronic prostatitis, one can avoid recurrence after the recovery.