Must-knows Before Ordering Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

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Before ordering Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, please make sure your health condition is diagnosed in local hospital or clinic. Ask our online doctors via Live Chat or email (, if you don't know whether Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is appropriate for your condition. Please contact our online doctors freely and all consulting is FREE. 

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is used for treating multiple male uro-genital diseases, including: 
Prostatitis (Acute/ chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis)
■ Prostate calcification
Seminal vesiculitis 
Chlamydia/ ureaplasma uralyticum/ mycoplasma gentialium/ mycoplasma hominis infection of men's reproductive system
Azoospermia or Necrispermia caused by above conditions
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill brings no side effect but DO NOT use other herbal medicines or products while taking it.
Diet you need to follow
During the treatment period, you need to be on a strict diet control. Do not have spicy food and alcohol. Chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, and dairy product should be avoided. Do not eat too much chocolate, coffee, coke, fried and baked food. You can eat pork, bread without diary, noodles without spicy ingredients, nuts, fresh vegetables, eggs and fruits, fruit juice, water, plant milk like soy milk. A good diet will help you get cured.
Our herbal pill should be kept in ventilation and room temperature environment.
Do not use
Please do not take this herbal pill, if you have these conditions: Piles, Gastrointestinal Diseases, hypohepatia or Renal Failure. If you want to take our herbal pill, please make sure that these conditions are in stable situations like no bleeding piles and so on.
When the effect can be felt
The effect of our herbal pill cannot be aroused so quickly like antibiotic therapy. Generally speaking, the effect of our herbal pill can be seen by people who are sensitive to our herbal pill after around 7 to 10 days’ treatment. But the improvement or effect can be felt by all patients at the end of the first month treatment.
There are 60 small bags for one month supply and each one weights around 20g.
You need to take 2 bags daily. You can divide the two packs pills into many parts no matter how many you want to. Please then take them half an hour after meals or snacks with water. However, if you are feel uncomfortable after taking our herbal pill or it is hard for you to swallow the pills, you can also dissolve the pills, but you need to drink the water, including the subside.