How to Treat Mycoplasma?

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Mycoplasma is a kind of simplest prokaryote, somehow like between virus and bacterium, among which mycoplasma urealytium(MU, also known as ureaplasma urealyticum) and mycoplasma hominis(MH) are concerned with the diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems, thereinto the positiveness of mycoplasma is of high attack.

If mycoplasma is not to be treated timely, it will lead to a series of pathological changes.

On men, the infection can firstly endanger the mucosae of urethral canal, and then secondarily cause prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis, and the like, of which the symptoms will manifest themselves less or more seriously.

Nevertheless, ureaplasma urealyticum can adhere to the head or tail of germs, directly weaken the viability, lower the quantity, lead to abnormality at comparatively high proportion, of germs, or even cause necrospermia and male infertility.

For the female, it is adaptive for mycoplasma to survive in their genital tract, from which it will infect at first the neck of uterus and urethral canal so as to cause cervicitis and urethritis, correspondingly produce abnormal symptoms, among which salpingitis is of the common complication, or otherwise pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis for a few patients.

The infection of mycoplasma of the female could probably lead to pathologic changes of reproductive organs, such as hydrops of pelvic cavity, hydrops, adhesion, or blockage of fallopian tube, and cause infertility. More importantly, the infection of mycoplasma also could cause abortion of those patients who were pregnant, among which, repeated abortion that hardly to find the reasons, might probably result from the infection of mycoplasma.

For both the male and the female, it is embarrassed to mention the suffering due to positiveness of mycoplasma, for the main way of being infected with that is through sexual contacts so that maintaining safe sexual activities is of the principle precaution against that.

It is suggested for those who have been proved to be infected with the positiveness of mycoplasma to take effective treatments in time.

However, how to treat the positiveness of mycoplasma effectively?

An usual way to treat the positiveness of mycoplasma is to take antibiotics, a western medicine, with which it would produce drug resistance definitely and side-effects more or less so that it is not suggested to use for a long term, though it becomes effective quickly. For, according to relative studies, antibiotics have been used exceedingly too much in China, it is suggested to take antibiotics after cautious considerations, even though its certain curative effects.

Since the western medicines are hardly to cure the positiveness of mycoplasma, what would we take against it? Exactly are the traditional Chinese medicines. However, in treating the positiveness of mycoplasma, with what advantages the traditional Chinese medicines are to be superior to the western medicines? And are the former definitely superior to the latter?

Obviously, the answer is definite.

Firstly, in the formulae of traditional Chinese medicines, there are many crude drugs, such as cordate houttuynia, wild chrysanthemum flower, etc., which have the power of clearing away the heat and toxic materials and function as broad spectrum antibiotics of western medicines, so as to contribute to a good sterilizing effect against MU and MH. Although it would not become effective as quickly as the antibiotic, the traditional Chinese medicines would never produce drug resistance and few side effects ( notoriously, it is no good to take in a great quantity of any medicine, however for the traditional Chinese medicines, in this regard, it can almost be ignored), so that they are suitable for long-term intake and would produce effects continuously.

Secondly, for treating the inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system caused by positive reaction of mycoplasma, the formulae of traditional Chinese medicines are always compatible with certain other drugs for promoting blood circulation and dissolving statis, such as the and Fuyan Pill, and the like, for, in the first place, the inflammatory diseases would probably lead to concurrent diseases, such as prostate sclerosis, hydrops, adhesion and blockage of fallopian tube, and hydrops of pelvic cavity, against which it is necessary to use those drugs; in the next place, in the process of disoperating human body of mycoplasma, it will discharge toxic materials, as well as its parasiticness in cells, to damage tissues and organs of human body, so that to use those drugs is to restore the damaged tissues properly so as to eliminate the discomfortability of the sufferers as soon as possible, meanwhile coordinating with traditional antipyretic-and-antidote drugs to disinfect; at last, those drugs nevertheless can promote the blood circulation, increase the vitality and enhance the resistance, of human body.

Of those formulae of traditional Chinese medicines mentioned above, “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill”, for the male, is especially outstanding, in treating the positiveness of mycoplasma of the male, among those of congeneric traditional Chinese medicines as well as Fuyan Pill for the female, both of which can produce a good effect and can stand the test of time.