Natural Treatment Of Chlamydia In Men

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Most of males will suffer from urinary and reproductive system diseases, such as chlamydia infection. Once infected with this disease, patients will live with much pain and discomfort. Antibiotic is the most common treatment of chlamydia. It can eliminate the inflammation and relieve the symptoms temporarily. However, many patients find that the symptoms appear again after they stop taking drugs. It’s because the pathogens haven’t been eradicated radically. The recurrence of the condition will lead to chronic inflammation and then spread to other genital organs. To get rid of chlamydia completely, it’s important to take a proper treatment. 

treatment of chlamydia

Because of the compactness of male reproductive system diseases, the urethral mucosa will be infected by chlamydial trachomatis first. Thus, males will have symptoms like pain in urethra and urinary discomfort. If ignored the regular treatment and take antibiotics blindly, it will cause antibiotic resistance and tolerance. Thus, the disease will recur repeatedly and then develop to a chronic one.  
Therefore, once noticed the symptoms of chlamydia, one should go to see a doctor and have a chlamydia test immediately. If it’s chlamydia, males can take herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can wipe out various pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and chlamydial trachomatis by clearing heat and toxins. And it can also enhance the immunity to prevent the invasion of chlamydial trachomatis.  
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is purely herbal preparation. It’s made from natural products and has no side effects. The curative effect vary from man to man, some patients can be cured after 3 months treatment, and some patients need only 1 to 2 months treatment to have a full recovery. After the symptoms disappear and the chlamydia turn to negative, patients need to take one more course of treatment to prevent the relapse. 
In addition to the treatment, males should also pay attention to the prevention of chlamydia. Since chlamydia is an STD, practicing safe sex methods is very necessary for males because it can help inhibit the spread of chlamydia. The safe sex methods are as follows:
Remember to use condoms whenever you have oral sex or vaginal sex.
Limit amount of sexual partners to decrease the chance of becoming infected.
Always test yourself, particularly when you have unprotected sex or having intercourse with a new partner.
Avoid any sex act, which includes anal and oral sex during your treatment process to prevent the spreading infection or re-infect yourself.