8 Tips Help to lower the Morbidity of Necrospermia

Date:2018-12-04 click:0
There was a necrospermia patient who got a cure with the help of Dr. Lee. This patient told Dr. Lee that no one could tell him what brought the necrospermia to him after he visited many doctors in different countries. He was so frustrated until one day he met Dr. Lee. After a careful diagnosis, Dr. Lee told him that his necrospermia might be caused by chromosome abnormality and it turned out that Dr. Lee was right. Therefore, In order to help more men far away from the necrospermia, the followings are 8 common reasons of the necrospermia, Dr. Lee summarizes. 
High temperature
The function of testicles can be hurt by high temperature, so men should avoid staying in high temperature environment for a long time. What’s more, the inner temperature of a running laptop can be 70 degree centigrade high, which means the working laptop can make the temperature of scrotum rise 3 degree centigrade, according to numerous reports. Therefore, men should also avoid putting laptop on legs for a long time.
Men should also avoid staying in a radiation environment. The disqualification decoration materials like marble, tiles, granite and closestool commonly have excessive radiation. Those microwaves with thermal effect like electromagnetic wave, microwave, infrared ray, ultraviolet ray which belong to nonionizing radiation can bring damage to testicles, leading to necrospermia to men.
Chemical materials with phthalate
Phthalate is a widely used material. It can be found in toy, wallpaper, cleanser, lubricating oil, nail polish, shampoo and so on. Phthalate not only can affect man’s endocrine and the morphology of sperm, but also can affect the reproductive organs of fetus if pregnant women paint nail polish.
Short of microelement
Microelements like Zn, Xi, Cu, Ca and Mg are essential to   necrospermia. Lack of Zn can slow down the movement of sperm and weaken men’s immunity, making men to affect prostatitis and epididymitis easily. Lack of Xi can bring harm to man’s testicles by increasing the concentration of oxygen.
Vehicle exhaust
Vehicle exhaust contains numerous toxic materials, especially the dioxin. Dioxin can affect the discharge of endocrine strongly, bringing abnormal morphology testicles, reducing the count of sperm and damaging the quality of sperm to men.
Noise can disorder the endocrine of men, reduce the volume of semen and change the morphology of sperm. Therefore, necrospermia can be caused if one exposes in noise environment in a long time.
Alcohol can affect men’s reproductive ability by causing chromosome abnormality. And the patient mentioned above who got chromosome abnormality is a winebibber. 
Nicotine in the cigarette can affect men’s sperm greatly by reducing the sperm account and increasing the teratospermia.