Can nonliquefaction of semen cause asthenozoospermia?

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Asthenozoospermia, also known as low sperm motility, refers to disease that the motility of sperm in the forward movement is less than 50% or sperm in fast forward movement is less than 25%. The biggest worry of the patients with asthenozoospermia is infertility, which is mainly caused by the low sperm motility. The sperm can't effectively reach the tubal ampulla and also can't fertilise the egg and create a single totipotent cell. There are many factors that can cause asthenozoospermrmia. Such as reproductive tract infections, nonliquefaction of semen, varicocele, endocrine and other physical and chemical factors of drugs and radial. Asthenozoospermia can lead to male infertility. And nonliquefaction of semen which considered as the main reason that causes asthenozoopermia, should be attached importance to.


Infertility that is caused by asthenozoopermia is mainly because the nonliquefaction of semen limites the movement of the sperm, which make the sperm can't fuse with the egg within the best time. Fertilization is a complex and orderly process. In this process, sperms must pass through from the vagina, to the cervical, uterine, fallopian tube, until to the tubal ampulla where the sperm can fertilise the egg. During this period, sperms can not be delayed too much time, for the egg can only surive 48 hours, the sperm must meet and fuse with the egg. If the egg can't meet the sperm and become the fertilized egg after it is discharged, it dies naturally after 48 hours to 72 hours. Sperm motility of patients with asthenozoopermia is low, so once patients lost the chance of fertilization, they must wait 1 month after another mature egg discharges when fertilizationis is possible.


Sperms that left from the body normally are limited before the semen fluid liquefies. Once the semen fluid liquefies, sperm shows good motility. The reason why the activity of sperms is limited when nonliquefaction of semen appears mainly lies in the seminal plasma. In the non-liquefaction seminal plasma, we can see thin fibrin reticularly with each other, which lows the motility of the sperm, then leads to asthenozoopermia. Like people swimming in the river, if there's no obstacle in the river, they could swim very fast. However, if there are many aquatic in it, they would likely to be entangled winding plants, then the speed is greatly reduced. The common cause of nonliquefaction of semen is the lack of fibrinolytic enzymes and trace elements(magnesium, zinc, etc), etc, which is caused by vesiculitis and prostatitis. Fibrinolytic enzyme is not enough discharged, fibrin in the seminal plasma can not effectively be destroyed, nonliquefaction of semen, then leads to asthenozoospermia.


To treat asthenozoopermia caused by nonliquefaction of semen, we should treat inflammation of the reproductive system as prostatitis and seminal at first. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively treat asthenozoospermia results from above diseases.