Definition and symptoms of orchitis

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Definition of orchitis

Orchitis is a condition of the testes involving inflammation. It can also involve swelling and frequent infection. Testis itself seldom occur bacteria infection. Because it has adequate supply of blood and lymph, the testis has very strong resistance to infections. Lots of bacterial orchitis is caused by the inflammation in epididymis nearby. 
Orchitis most commonly associated with the virus that causes mumps. At least one-third of males who contract mumps after puberty develop orchitis. Other causes of orchitis usually are bacterial, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Bacterial orchitis often results from epididymitis, an inflammation of the coiled tube (epididymis) at the back of the testicle that stores and carries sperm. In that case, it's called epididymo-orchitis.
Symptoms of orchitis
Symptoms of orchitis are similar to those of testicular torsion. These can include:
- ejaculation of blood
- hematuria (blood in the urine)
- severe pain
- visible swelling of a testicle or testicles and often the inguinal lymph nodes on the affected side.
You should take it seriously if you find hard lumps in the testis, because it is sigh of diseases. It could be en epididymis disease, or epididymitis caused by inflammation in nearby organs. There could be an acute pain and swelling in the testis, and it is painful when touching. It could be some genital or urinary system disease if you find hard lumps in the testis.