Symptoms of Epididymitis

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Epididymitis refers to the epididymitis disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms and other noninfectious factors, which mostly occurs in young or middle-aged people. According to the course of the disease, it can be divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. 
Acute epididymitis is often secondary to the urinary tract, prostate, or seminal vesicle infection. Chronic epididymitis is often caused by incomplete treatment in the acute stage. So what are the symptoms of epididymitis?
Symptoms of acute epididymitis
1. Acute onset
Inflammation can break out in a short time
2. Local swelling and pain
Most of them are on one side, which shows that the scrotum on the affected side is distended and uncomfortable, and the pain is obvious. It can radiate to the same side groin area and lower abdomen, and the pain increases when standing, which affects the activity. 
The epididymis on the affected side of the body was doubled, with obvious tenderness. If it spreads to the testis, the boundary between testis and epididymis is unclear, which is called epididymitis. In general, acute symptoms may gradually subside after one week.
3. Redness and swelling
If the inflammation is serious, the scrotum dermatology department will have redness and swelling
4. High fever
It can be accompanied by chills and high fever, and the temperature can reach 40 ℃.

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