The Caues of Didymalgia: swelling and pain

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Didymalgia can be divides into several kinds: swelling and pain, dull pain, cutting-like pain, acute pain and faint pain.

Causes of didymalgia:
1 Acute orchitis: patients have acute and cutting-like pain, with fever, chilli, swelling and red scrotum. The testis is painful if it is touched, and abscess sometimes occurs. In cases like this, western are more likely to suggest patients to take surgery. However, in traditional Chinese medicines, there are some which can clear away heat and dampness, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, resolve hard lump. With diuretic herbs, they can cure acute orthitis in a short time. It is quite effective that patients would get an improvement within about two days, and after five days the symptoms would be eliminated. Acute orchitis is cured then. 
2 Tuberculocele: Tuberculocele is often occur after the attack of other phymatiasis, such as tuberculosis of the prostate and nephrophthisis, as a secondary disease. Main symptoms of the disease is: faint pain in the testis, faint pain in the lower abdomen, swelling scrotum, having hard lumps in the testis and it is also sticky with the skin of scrotum. Curing tuberculocele with traditional Chinese medicines need only three to four months.
3 Prostatitis: Prostatitis causes a didymalgia as its accessory symptom. Patients have symptoms such as pain in perineum area, urgent and frequent urinate, painful urinate, having drips after urinting, and so on. Tests of prostate fluid can have it diagnosed. Treating prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine is effective and quickly in three months. All tests of prostate would be back to normal after three months medication.
4 Testis tumor and epididymis tumor: this kind of pain is dull pain or faint pain.
5 Trauma in the testis or the epididymis: patients have an acute pain, for those who have severe trauma they would probably shock. And the pain can spread to lower abdomen. 
Pain is the outer symptoms of some diseases. Some patients have the thought that they can bear the pain and they do not need any treatment. However, in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, as long as there is a pain, there must be some disease or unhealthy condition. Pain often occur while there is a obstruction of blood or bad circulation of blood. That is always some outer symptoms of diseases. As long as patients take medicine which can resolve hard lump, promote blood circulation, promote Qi circulation and release pain, the disease can get cured as the symptoms eliminates. 
Testimonials 1 
Mr. Huang 33-year-old Shanghai June/2008 
He had a pain in his testis, and the testis wass painful if it iwas touched. He also had a swelling epididymis. He had taking treatment in local hospital to have some injection( the med he have injected is unclear) for a month, and there was no improvement. He came to my clinic to try my treatment. He took my pills for one months and got cured. 
Because he haven't have the disease for a long time, so his treatment is rather fast. 
Testimonial 2 
Mr. Feng 27-year-old Zhejiang Province June/2005
He had been suffering from prostatitis for 7 years. Prostate routine rest recult: E. Coli and GV infection. No liquefaction of the semen and only 20% of sperm are alive. His symptoms were: pain in the testis, pain in lower abdomen and they are severe. He came to Zhejiang Province 6 years ago and had taken many kinds of treatment in hospitals and clinics.
When he knew that I cure prostatitis effectively, he came to take my treatment. After taking the treatment for two months, he told me that he still have lots of symptoms, I explained that was because of too many intercourses, and he should have less intercourses and rest more. When he ends four months treatment, his prostate tests results were normal, which means his prostatitis was already cured. After five months medication, he had a semen test and result was: semen liquify in 20 minutes and the alive percentage is normal. All his genital disease get cured then.