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ProstatodyniaIf your prostate is not inflamed but you think you're suffering from prostatitis symptoms, also no pathogen can be found in blood or semen tests, you must be having prostatodynia.

The most typical symptom of prostatodynia is pain. Such pain may occur at perineum, penis, testis, groins, lower back, lower abdomen, urethra, scrotum. However seldom patients may also suffer from some urinate problems: it can be difficult to start the urinate, or the flow is weak, or while urinating it stops and starts.

Even pathologically, symptoms of prostatodynia are a result of muscle problem which is caused by the nerve, factors which cause prostate inflammation can also cause prostatodynia. People who always sit for long, who are always drunk, who are stressed have a higher risk of this medical condition.

For this condition, treatment with Harnal or other Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor may help solve urinate problems. To eliminate the pain caused by prostatodynia, the nerve and muscle should be regulated.  TCM treatment for this condition is aiming at promoting Qi and blood circulation to release pain. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill also has its effect on prostatodynia.