What is prostate fluid?

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Prostate fluid is a secretion of prostate gland. A healthy male adult's prostate fluid is thin, colourless or white liquid. It's pH ranges from 6 to 7. 

When the gland is inflamed, the fluid can be thick, yellow or pale red. Sometimes floc can be found in it. Under the microscope, these components can be found:
1 RLLXT. RLLXTs are tiny bodies which mainly contain lecithin. Such "lecithin bodies" should be be full of vision. When inflammation occurs, macrophages devour RLLXTs, so the number of RLLXT reduces. When the inflammation get cured, the number may increase to normal standard.
2 Blood cells. In common prostate fluid, red blood cells number is few. Only when the gland is inflamed, lots of red blood cells can be seen. White blood cells number is one of the defining characteristics of bacterial prostatitis.
3 Starch granules, stones, protein, or sperm can also be seen in prostate fluid. These has no significant meaning in diagnosing prostatitis.
Function of prostate fluid
1 To promote the fertilization. Some enzyme can help sperm to enter the egg cell.
2 To keep sperm alive. Some components can promote nutrition which are necessary for sperm.
3 To promote the liquefaction of sperm. This is a action of enzyme as well.
4 To keep genital system healthy. Zinc can kill some bad bacteria, to prevent from infections.
5 To keep the survival of sperm in a woman's vagina. Prostate fluid can neutralize some acid in woman's vagina, to prevent from the erosion from acid to sperm.