How could one know if prostatitis get cured or not?

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When taking the medication of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for two months, many patients feel the symptoms are gone. Then they think the prostatitis have been cured. With the misunderstandings, they stop taking medication and free from diet restrictions. They begin to drink, smoke and take spicy food etc. However, some patients may feel the symptoms of prostatitis come back because of the pause to take medicine. The symptoms even get more and more serious than before. They have to go to the hospital and the examination will indicate that they didn't get cured at all.

So how could one know if prostatitis get cured or not? 
First, the syptoms are gone. You don't have any uncomfortable symptoms at all.
Second, the size of prostate shows normal or improved in routine rectal examination. The prostate should be soft, with no pain, no fiber callosity, obvioud central sulcus. The size and morphology of prostate should report normal under B ultrasound.
Third, prostate massage fluid (EPS) routine examination: normal EPS leukocytes <10 / HP, lecithin uniformly distributed in the entire field of vision, pH6.3 ~ 6.5 does not exist or occasionally red blood cells and epithelial cells. 
Forth, bacteriological examination should be taken at least for three times (one week, one month, three months) to make sure all test results are negative. Then one can confirm that he gets rid of prostatitis.
Fifth, at the time one finish taking medicine for one week, one month and three months, he should take prostate routine examination. and WBC and lecithin should be in a normal range.
Sixth, urine analysis and urine sediment examination should show normal.
Only all above results are reached, one can make a conclustion that his  prostatitis get completely recovered. Therefore, we suggest our patients don't stop taking medicine before cured.