Chronic prostatitis is a long-term prostatitis

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Prostatitis is swelling or infection of the prostate gland. It often hurts. Chronic prostatitis is a long-term prostatitis. Symptoms of prostatitis are often mild. There are two types of chronic prostatitis: bacterial and nonbacterial. 

Bacterial prostatitis isn't common but it has a simple cause, a bacterial infection. However, when the patient is given antibiotics, the bacteria find a way to hide in the prostate gland and survive to reinfect the patient. So a man with this form of prostatitis experiences frequent outbreaks that come and go. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is the most common form of prostatitis but its cause is not well understood. There may be signs that the body is fighting an infection but no bacteria can be detected, or there may be no indication that there's any infection at all.
Symptoms of chronic prostatitis are often mild and start slowly over weeks or months. They may include: An urge to urinate often. But you may pass only small amounts of urine; A burning pain when you urinate; A problem starting the urine stream, urinating in waves rather than in a steady stream, urine flow that is weaker than normal, and dribbling after urinating; Pain in your lower back, in the area between the testicles and anus, in the lower belly or upper thighs, or above the pubic area. Pain may be worse during a bowel movement; Some pain during or after ejaculation and pain in the tip of your penis. 
Though symptoms of chronic prostatitis are often mild, it is very serious. Men with chronic prostatitis should look for the help of herbal remedy as antibiotics can’t work effectively. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal remedy for chronic prostatitis. This herbal medicine has been bringing about a striking effect on treating prostatitis. This natural medication has been a step forward in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.