How to Prevent Prostatitis or Make its Symptoms Milder?

Date:2019-09-25 click:0

Men's prostate can be affected by cold weather greatly, for cold weather can make sympathetic nerve exciting, sensitive gland shrinking, blood and gland vessel expending and congesting, so prostatitis patients can experience frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, pain on perineum and testicles because of deposition of prostate fluid.

Furthermore, cold weather also can decline the immune system, so men easy to affect disease. Thus, how to prevent prostatitis or make symptoms milder? What patients should pay attention to?

Keep warm
In cold weather, many people will wear more cloths to keep warm, but some men who don’t want to wear more cloths because they don’t want to be looked fat. However, cold weather can aggravate the symptom or induce prostatitis to men. Warm weather can low down the pressure of prostate and make congestion and swelling disappear.

All in all, in cold weather, men should wear more cloths to keep warm, especially for prostate area.
Do not hold urine
The more water you drink, the more urine you have had. Therefore, there are some men who take the view that urination is trouble so, they commonly choose holding urine. But the truth is, holding urine can press prostate, so urine in prostate or urinary tract can return to bladder and kidney, so kidney can be hurt by this bad behavior.
Drinking more water
When weather is getting cold, the volume of drinking water is declined, so the urination times is declined too and the concentration of urine is high too, which can bring harmful materials to liver and kidney. Actually, in cold winter, men also need to drink more water to increase the times of urination. Men are better to drink 2 liters water or tea, so the urinary tract can be flushed by urine, which is good for the excretion of prostate fluid and preventing secondary infection.

What’s more, those men with frequent urination also have to increase the volume of water. In order to avoid the bad affection of sleeping caused by frequent night urination, no water drinking before sleeping.