What are the relationship among prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis?

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Prostatitis is an inflammation in prostate. And the inflammation can be caused by infection or no infection. Just like the infection can spread to organs nearby, inflammation can spread too. 

People who have chronic prostatitis may find that they are quite easy to be attacked by chronic vesiculitis and chronic epididymitis. And epididymitis patients would get a prostatitis some days later when they are diagnosed with epididymitis. Orchitis as an most common complication of prostatitis, it often occur with prostatitis. As the organs and tissues are connecting with each other, the inflammation in prostate and seminal vesicle would spread to the epididymis.
Meanwhile, prostatitis is an common complication of epididymitis. For those who have a chronic epididymitis, they also risk for prostaitis. As prostatitis occurs with epididymitis, vesiculitis would attack too. As chronic diseases, the appearance of the symptoms come very slowly. In early days, the symptoms would come and go, and they seldom influence patients lives too much. So some of the patients do not go see a doctor till the symptoms aggravate and they have severe symptoms. And when they see a doctor, their disease have already aggravated and the inflammation has already spread. And as these disease share lots of symptoms, the disease is difficult to be accurately diagnosed. As a result, in this case, treatment for only one organ's inflammation always fail. 
At this time, traditional Chinese medicine show it's advantages in the treatment of prostatitis, epididymitis and vesiculitis. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, because those disease share symptoms, the causes of those diseases are the same - obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity. In the recipe of traditional Chinese medicine, there are lots of herbs, and each of the herb has its unique function in curing those diseases. Some herbs can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, some can clear away heat and toxic material, some can promote Qi and release pain, some can dissipate hard lumps, some can kill pathogen, and some are diuretic. As all these herbs in one recipe working together, symptoms such as urinate problem, pain, swelling and so on can be released and eliminated. And the disease can be cured in three or four months treatment.