What symptoms can prostatitis bring?

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Prostatitis can bring many symptoms to men. Prostatitis is a disease that should be cured timely, or men will experience impotence and premature ejaculation. The treatment of prostatitis is easy, but chronic prostatitis is hard to cure, so men should pay much attention on symptoms, so that they can find chronic prostatitis timely and receive timely treatment.

First, urinary Symptoms
Not only UTI can cause frequent urination, urgent urination painful urination and even bloody urine, but also prostatitis. So, prostatitis also can experience those symptoms what UTI patients can experience. If you only have urinary symptoms, it might be UTI or prostatitis. Accurate diagnosis should be done in hospital.
Second, pain
Burning pain on posterior urethra, pain on anus and perineum can spread to groin, penis and testicles. Sometimes, it also can spread to abdominal area. If you have pain on those parts, please go to hospital to take examination.
Third, secondary symptoms
Due to the bacterial infection, men can experience conjunctivitis, iriditis, arthritis, and neuritis.
Fourth, sexual dysfunction
The pain caused by prostatitis can decline the desire of wanting sex. What’s more, because impotence and premature ejaculation also are complications of this disease, so men also afraid that they cannot make their wives archive organism. Thus, prostatitis should pay attention to it too.
Fifth, neurasthenia
If prostatitis cannot be cured totally, the repeated treatment makes men feel depress and hopeless. Thus, they will give up treatment and let it go.
The above five mentioned systems are typical symptoms of prostatitis. If you have more than three mentioned above, you must have had prostatitis. But please don't worry about it too much. as long as you can take timely treatment, prostatitis is easy to be cured. If you are not allergies to antibiotic, you'd better to take herbal medicine, for it works on your immune system not the inflammation itself, so herbal medicine has no such problems.