Weak ejaculation is not equivalent to decreased libido, it may be the prostatitis

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In general, men will ejaculate when their lust peaked. Theoretically, the more forceful ejaculation, the more intense pleasure the man will. But if the ejaculation is weak, the pleasure will reduce or even disappear. So when happen to meet this case, many men will classify it into the category of decreased libido.

Multiple causes will lead the male ejaculation weakness
Clinically, the cause of male ejaculation weakness can be divided into psychological and physiological reasons. For example, when they have a sexual life, the man may worry about whether their wife will dissatisfy with it. It is the adverse psychological stimuli, and sometimes feedback to the sex life when there will be a weak ejaculation performance. For a long time, it will lead to the decreased libido.
Another reason is the male genital lesions. For example, if the patient suffering from prostatitis, their prostate will have the symptoms of congestion or edema and so on, all of these will not only affect men's pleasure, but also reduce the sperm production. And finally appear the weak ejaculation or less sperm.
Moreover, due to the constant stimulation of inflammation, the patients would have the pain when ejaculation. Over times, the patients will also have a decreased libido, or even sexless.
When suffering from prostatitis, the patients usually do not have the typical symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency and urinary discomfort. There is only the weak ejaculation and pain appears. So if it is defined as decreased libido while ignoring the presence of the disease, then the damage to male reproductive health would be huge. 
There is a lot of harm if the prostatitis goes without timely treatment
As the male reproductive organs are closely tied, once the prostate infected with inflammation while without timely and adequate treatment, then the infection can spread to other organs, and cause the lesions of epididymis, testes or seminal vesicle. 
Meanwhile, the long-term stimulation of inflammation can not only affect the patient's life and work, but also affect the sperm quality, resulting in infertility! 
So, if the ejaculation weakness appears, you should go to the hospital to have a diagnosis with the rectal B ultrasound to make sure the disease.
Currently, there are many ways to treat the prostatitis, but among the clinical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine has achieved very good results, and has gained the trust and affirmation of the majority of patients. Especially the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill created by Wuhan Dr.lee, the pill can work in three months effectively, and thoroughly kills pathogens, and does not harm the normal cells and tissues while it can also improve the patient's body environment to achieve the double cure effect of governing and supporting.