Attention: A New Effective Remedy for the Prostatitis Patients Allergic to Antibiotics

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What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a common disease of prostate, which is usually found in men below the age of 50. Such a disease can be divided into four types: acute bacterial prostatitis,ABP; chronic bacterial prostatitis,CBP; chronic non-bacterial prostatitis,CNP; and prostatodynia,PD.
Are you still worrying about your prostatitis?
As for different types of prostatitis, different ways can be used to cure them. Prostatitis patients are always advised they should use effective antibiotics, keep a good diet and pay more attention to preventing care. However, taking antibiotics may be the most direct and significant way for all types of prostatitis. Now that antibiotics really help to cure prostatitis, most prostatitis patients should be cheerful for it. Unfortunately, some prostatitis patients are allergic to antibiotics, so in such a case these people always feel annoyed and helpless. If you are just one of them, will you be desperate? Don’t worry too much. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill being introduced here will help disburden you of your trouble. 
A special prescription and drug for prostatitis patients allergic to antibiotics: diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, developed by herbalist Lee Xiaoping, contributes to clear up infections absolutely by working directly into reproductive system and urinary system. The efficacy of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is satisfactory because it does help to cure prostatitis from root causes. It can kill many Pathogens, dissolve stasis and dissipate abnormal tissue, promote urination to solve the urine problems, promote blood and Qi circulation to release the pain caused by inflections. 
According to an experiment done by American scientists, they divided bacterial prostatitis patients into two teams: one is curing prostatitis by taking antibiotics, the other is not. However, data got from the two teams is similar. Therefore, scientists think that taking antibiotics for prostatitis patients is not a wise choice. As a prostatitis, you will be in agony when you hear of such a thing. Luckily, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill helps to light up your life because it is Chinese patented medicine which has proven to be effective on curing prostatitis. The optimal thing is such a pill also works effectively on prostatitis patients allergic to antibiotics by reason that it is made of Chinese herb which cannot cause any side effect. More important of all, this pill can cure prostatitis within three months. Therefore, as a prostatitis patient allergic to antibiotics, taking this medicine to cure prostatitis is completely your first choice due to it is natural and safe without side effects and drug resistance.