Is it true that fluconazole is effective in treating prostatitis candida?

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For a large number of people, the candida can usually induce diseases like monilial vaginitis to women, but not the men. Therefore, men tend to hold the view that they are protected from candida. However, the truth is that men are also very vulnerable to the prostatitis candida.
Take Mr. Jiang for example. His wife is a victim of monilial vaginitis for many years. Although his wife has accepted treatment all the time, this condition is always recurring. Three months ago, Mr. Jiang had an unprotected intercourse with his wife, because they considered that the monilial vaginitis was cured as all symptoms were gone. However, after that unprotected sex, Mr. Jiang began to experience redness on urethral orifice, discomfort on perineum, urgent urination and frequent urination. After taking test in hospital, he was told that it is prostatitis and it is caused by candida.
Why the prostatitis can also be led by candida albicans?
Generally speaking, the candida in vagina can be transmitted to men’s urethra via sexual contact. Then the candida in men’s urethra can spread to other reproductive organs like prostate via blood circulation or lymph. Therefore, prostatitis can be led by candida and the monilial prostatitis is very common to see. As for the symptoms of monilial prostatitis, they are as same as chronic prostatitis which is dangerous. If left untreated, the monilial prostatitis can affect men’s sexual ability, leading to impotence and premature ejaculation. 
To cure this type of prostatitis, antibiotics are the major choice. However, owing to the side-effects like drug resistance and damage to liver and kidney, antibiotics aren’t the best choice. 
As is known to us, fluconazole is an antifungal medication that is administered orally or intravenously. It is used to prevent infections in people with weak immune systems, including those with neutropenia due to cancer chemotherapy, transplant patients, and premature babies. In fact, minorities of people know that fluconazole can also treat a variety of fungal infections, especially candida infections. Its mechanism of action involves interfering with synthesis of the fungal cell membrane. To a certain extent, it is effective in treating prostatitis candida. 
However, when treating prostatitis candida, fluconazole easily brings some side effects because it is hard for the effective materials of fluconazole to reach and work on lesion area directly. As we all know, prostate has one layer that can block bacteria and other toxic materials outside, so the layer can also block lots of effective materials outside and reduce the effect.
Currently, herbal pills are proved to be more suitable for prostatitis candida On account that herbal pill does not have drug resistance. What’s more, herbal pill has channel ushering drug which is used lead the rest of the effective herbs reach and work on lesion area directly. Thus diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is recommended With the function of clearing heat and removing toxin, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can activating blood so as to help men free from symptoms like frequent urge to urinate, difficulty urinating and pain or burning during urination. If you want get rid of prostatitis candida, please try it and it is worth every penny.