Is it true that herbal medicine can cure both prostatitis and epididymitis simultaneously?

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In recent years, prostatitis and epididymitis are two of the most common diseases in male reproductive systemaccordingly. Accordingly, thousands of methods to treat these two diseases come out, but among clinical treatments, which method or is there any medicine on earth can cure both prostatitis and epididymitis simultaneously in good results?
What is the relation between prostatitis and epididymitis?
As vital organs of the male reproductive system, prostate and epididymis have very special anatomic relationship, thus the infectious diseases of each are often related. When males are suffering from prostatitis, the bacteria can spread easily through the blood circulation or lymphatic system into epididymis and cause epididymitis, and vice verse. In this case, prostatitis and epididymitis have a lot in common, even though they are two different diseases and the causes are different.
Are antibitiotics effective to cure both prostatitis and epididymitis?
As the importance of these two organs in male reproductive system, the thorough treatment on them should be timely and effective. Generally, when people are diagnosed with prostatitis and epididymitis, they prefer antibitiotics as the first treatment. To some extent, taking antibitiotics can remove symptoms temporarily, but in most case, it can not cure the diseases completely and permanently. After stopping taking it, the diseases will relapse. And the antibitiotics may have side effects after repeatedly taken and cause serious consequences.
Can herbal medicine cure both prostatitis and epididymitis simultaneously?
By analysis of the causes of prostatitis and epididymitis, the thorough treatment of  these two diseases is to clear away heat and dampness completely in pelvic cavity. After many clinical researches, some herbal medicines like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill are finally found to achieve this effect and cure both prostatitis and epididymitis simultaneously by dissolving stasis, releasing pain and dissipating hard lumps. 
Until now the herbal medicine have been proved as the most appropriate and effective therapy to cure these two diseases simultaneously and radically. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is such a traditional Chinese medicine can enhance immunity as well as treat the diseases. What's more, as it is natural medicine, the pill is safe without any side effects and drug resistance. 
Numerous cases and patients have proved that herbal medicine can truely cure both prostatitis and epididymitis simultaneously. This is a good example of treating different diseases with same method, in medical term, it is called homotherapy for heteropathy.
Of course, apart from the medical treatment, self-care, such as adequate sleep, regular walking, masturbation control, dietary treatment (no drinking & smoking and spicy food), is also very important in curing and relapse preventing.