What are the changes of discharge when getting prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is a common and frequent urologic disease, with which man under fifty, often the prominent population, are tormented. Prostatitis can bring quite a number of obsessions to patients with prostatitis, of all the obsessions, fertility and physiological problems caused by changes of discharge (prostatic fluid), important component of seminal fluid, may be the most embarrassing and distressing one. Then, here comes a question-what are the changes of discharge impacting fertility function and physiological function of males when getting prostatitis?
Clinically, when getting prostatitis, the discharge of prostate will become small and light yellow like pus or light red and the discharge will be detected with trichomonad when the prostate is infected by trichomonad. Besides the crystalline calcium phosphate can be seen when there is calculus in prostate because of prostatitis and the discharge will be shaped like the concentrated pus and will be yellow with opacities or flocculus when prostatitis becomes more serious.
After introducing the changes of discharge when getting prostatitis, another question appears: what should the patients do to be free from the changes in discharge thoroughly? The answer lies in the complete eradication of the prostatitis. 
Instead of taking antibiotics for long-time (as prostatitis will reappear due to the resistance to drugs) and receiving surgical treatment which may hurt prostate to some extent and has not effect on infection on other cells and tissues caused by prostatitis, patients with prostatitis are advised to receive Chinese medicine treatment to get a cure. For example, Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, which is made from the pure natural herbs, has remarkable effect on curing prostatitis and can cure the disease once without any side effect, releasing the patients with prostatitis from all the pains and symptoms including the changes of discharge after a three-month complete treatment under the right instruction. 
In a word, if the discharge of the patient has the above-mentioned changes through EPSRT, he must have had prostatitis and if he doesn’t pay attention to the examination results and receive any treatment such as taking pills like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which can cure prostatitis fundamentally, improve the patient's body environment and has no drug resistance, he will regret for his whole life.