Can prostatitis supplements care for prostatitis?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
As is known to all, prostatitis is a term used to describe the inflammation of prostate gland, a gland in the male genitourinary system. According to Dr. Lee, people are likely to mix up prostatitis with infections in the urinary tract, for these health issues share similar symptoms. Typical associated symptoms of prostatitis include yellow semen, reduced libido, pain in penis, sexual dysfunction, fever, increased urinary frequency and pain with urination, leading to serious problems in both sex life and daily life of the patients. Now, there comes a new hope for men with prostatitis to get cured-prostatitis supplements.
Pointed by many authoritative doctors such as Dr. Lee, prostatitis supplements may provide help to care for the disease. Then, what are prostatitis supplements? Well, prostatitis supplements can be classified into two categories including nutritional supplement and herbal supplement.
There are lots of nutritional supplement which may help to cure prostatitis. According to Phyllis Balch, an expert in nutrition and author of "Prescription for Nutritional Healing", necessary supplements for prostatitis contain acidophilus, quercetin, selenium, vitamin B complex and zinc. Important nutritional supplements for prostatitis involve indispensable fatty acid, vitamin A and vitamin E, garlic, raw prostate glandular, L-alanine, MSM, L-glutamic acid and L-glycine. Other supplements which are helpful comprise lecithin granules, kelp, magnesium and calcium and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. However, nutritional supplements you ingest for the cure of prostatitis may be associated with side effects and risks although they may have good effect on treating the disease.
Well, the other supplement refers to herbal supplement. Herbal supplement often means herbal medicine made of natural pure herbs such as Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, developed by Dr. Lee mentioned before, an expert in treating female and male reproductive and urinary system diseases. Herbal medicine is one of the most useful supplements in curing prostatitis and what best in it is that they have no side effects and resistance to drugs when taken under doctor’s instruction. What’ more, herbal medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can also help the patient to avoid toxicologic damage, resulting from prostatitis, to his cells, thus enhancing the patient’s body environment.
In short, the above-mentioned introduction about prostatitis supplements helps the patients find a way out of prostatitis. Whatever prostatitis supplements the patients might choose, nutritional supplement or herbal supplement, there is one thing he must bear in mind that curing prostatitis as early as possible, or he will leave himself in deep remorse for the rest of his life.