Will the prostate congestion affect male fertility?

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In clinic, prostate congestion is commonly considered as a phenomenon not a disease. It normally refers to a medical condition of the prostate gland that happens when the prostate becomes swollen by excess fluid. And this disease is also a prostate disease and even has some relations between prostatitis, so many prostatitis sufferers wonder that whether the prostate congestion affect male fertility? 
The answer is very likely. You will understand it by reading it in the following.
First, prostate is under the bladder, which is a gland genital that penetrates urethra and ejaculatory duct. It keeps secretory function and is active during intercourse. Long term and frequent intercourse can lead to prostate congestion. With the long-term prostate congestion, prostate will be inflamed, causing prostatitis finally. And as you may know, prostatitis does affect male fertility. 
Second, when men suffer from prostate congestion, prostate can show symptoms of prostatitis, such as pain in perineum area, dull heavy ache, or even frequent urination, dysuria or even blood in semen. The blood in semen will affect t the quality of sperm, so it can cause damage for male fertility. 
Third, some men have the habit of masturbation in their daily lives. When they jack off, the functions of the penis will stimulate the prostate and lead to severer prostate congestion.  Prostatitis will occur due to the congestion. And if men masturbate, the prostatic fluid, a composition of the semen will be enough secreted. Because of the inflammation of the fluid, semen will contain so much inflammation, causing the damage of the sperm. 
All in all, prostate congestion will affect male fertility not only because of its symptoms but also for the risk of prostatitis. When you are unfortunate to suffer from prostate congestion or prostatitis, antibiotics or herbal medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can cure your disease. Antibiotics may cause much side effects and drug resistance to the sufferers, but the herbal medicine is natural and effective. 
Besides, it is necessary for men to prevent the prostate congestion in case it develops into prostatitis. Here are some preventions for the prostate congestion.
1.Healthy sex. A healthy sexual life is the central point in the management of this condition.
2.Avoid too frequent ejaculations. Too frequent ejaculations are harmful for the prostate.
3.Obesity is linked with this condition. Hence a healthy diet focused at managing an optimum weight is crucial to prevent this condition.
4.Frequent breaks are vital, especially for individuals having desk jobs, to prevent a precipitation of this condition.
5.Regular exercises help improve blood circulation and prevent congestion.
6.Limit the intake of alcohol. Drink lots of fluids to prevent urinary tract infections, which can trigger an episode of prostatitis.