Is It Normal that the My Genitals Smell Bad?

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It is well known that if women do not pay attention to the care and hygiene of the private place, there will be an abnormal odor. The same is true for men. If men do not take care of their genitals at ordinary times, it will also easily produce some unpleasant smell. So what are the causes of the abnormal odor?

1. Redundant prepuce
If the male genitals smell bad, the redundant prepuce is usually the leading cause. Therefore, it is vital to find the key to the problem. The most direct and effective way to cure thoroughly is to cut off the redundant prepuce. Only in this way can we effectively avoid the accumulation of sebum dirt and stench in the foreskin. If t is found that the redundant prepuce has induced balanitis, it is necessary to cure the inflammation before circumcision.
2. Prostate diseases
The main causes of the prostate diseases are the direct spread of urinary tract infection, hematogenous spread of infection focus in other parts of the body, and prostatitis is the most common. Patients need to go to a professional andrological hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment. 
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3. Scrotal eczema
Scrotal eczema refers to the symptoms of male scrotal erosion, dampness, and itching due to spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency, drug allergy, vitamin deficiency, and fungal growth, and it is a male-specific skin disease. Of course, this may also be the cause of the abnormal male genital odor. 
In the treatment of damp scrotal eczema, we should pay attention to keep a light diet, eat less raw and cold food, seafood, and spicy food. However, in general, the vast majority of scrotal eczema and prostate diseases are related, it is suggested that patients with scrotal dampness should actively do a prostate examination to determine the specific condition, pay attention to symptomatic treatment.
4. balanitis
At the early stage of balanitis, there will be dampness, redness, and swelling of the penile skin, itching, burning, and fever on the Balanic head. Congestion, erosion, exudation, and even bleeding on the inner surface of the foreskin and the Balanic purulent secretion after secondary infection can be seen. Therefore, the male genital odor does not rule out this possibility.
How can we avoid the bad smell of penis? First of all, we should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness every day. If conditions permit, we should take a bath every day, and underwear must be replaced in time. After doing this, if bad smell still exists, patients should go to the hospital for check and diagnosis, and timely treatment is necessary.