How to Reduce Sperm Liquefaction Time Naturally?

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The liquefaction time of semen refers to the time required for the newly discharged semen to change from jelly state to free-flowing state. The process of semen coagulation and liquefaction is very complex. There are many substances involved, such as secretion of the prostate gland and seminal vesicle, which may affect the time and temperature.

The liquefaction time of normal sperm is within half an hour. However, the liquefaction time of some men's sperm is longer than half an hour, or even more than one hour. If the time of sperm liquefaction is too long, and the semen is not liquefied, the activity of sperm can be inhibited, which is harmful to fertility.
Why does semen not liquefy? Generally, there are the following reasons:
1. Protomicrobial infection
2. Lack of zinc, selenium, magnesium, and other trace elements.
3. Too much pressure and irregular lifestyle.
Eat more foods good for sperm
The long time of sperm liquefaction indicates that the quality of sperm is not very good either. It is better to eat more food to supplement sperm. Men can often eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, zinc, selenium, and other nutrients, such as eggs, lean meat, animal liver, oysters, shellfish seafood, fruits, etc.

Improve microcirculation
In the process of treatment, we should improve the microcirculation of the body, so as to promote the speed and quantity of blood flow to a certain extent, and play a good role in helping improve the oxygen supply capacity of human tissue cells, so as to improve the quality of sperm due to adequate nutrition, reduce the liquefaction time.
And exercise can speed up blood flow to improve microcirculation. Men who have a long sperm liquefaction time can take part in more exercises, such as morning exercise, night run, and so on. Intense exercise should be avoided because it will do harm to the body.
Supplementary nutrition
In the process of treating non-liquefying semen, we must pay attention to promoting the synthesis of DNA in the cells and helping to delay the cell failure, so as to improve the quality of sperm to a great extent. Besides, patients should also pay attention to supplement zinc, selenium, amino acids, and improve prostate gland, which is also known as sperm protection and nourishing.

It is generally believed that the most common reason for non-liquefaction of sperm is the lack of fibrinolytic enzyme secreted by the prostate due to seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis.
Once inflammation occurs in the seminal vesicle or prostate, the secretion of the above factors will be blocked, resulting in the increase of coagulation factors or the decrease of liquefaction factors, and the formation of sperm liquefaction time will be prolonged or even no liquefaction.
Therefore, in the treatment of non-liquefaction of sperm, it is necessary to cure the diseases of seminal vesicle and prostate. In most patients, after prostate and seminal vesicle diseases are cured, the non-liquefaction of sperm will also be improved.
However, due to the special structure and location of the prostate and seminal vesicle, it is difficult for the efficacy of ordinary drugs to enter the affected area to play a role. Therefore, patients can take conservative Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

Heat-clearing and detoxifying, sterilized, and anti-inflammatory effects in its formula can effectively remove the inflammation in the prostate, seminal vesicle gland, and genitourinary tract. 
In addition, it can also effectively relieve pain and swelling, and discomfort; besides, the anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis effect can also effectively inhibit the proliferation of residual lesions, prevent a recurrence, and will not produce side effects and other problems.