Can Herbal Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Cure Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis?

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The cause of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is usually caused by glandular stiffness and sclerosis. The prostate is a soft and elastic gland, which is covered with capillaries, a large number of neural networks and nerve endings. After necrosis of nerves and capillaries occurs in the gland, the function of the focus area will be damaged, and the patients will have problems of urination, sexual function, erectile dysfunction, pain and sub-health. 

Without bacterial infection, antibiotic treatment will be not so effective. In order to eliminate the focus, currently, there are no good means of improvement or treatment in western medicine.
Therefore, it is a good choice to choose herbal medicine for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effects and can improve immunity. And herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great choice for treatment, as it has a better anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic effect. 
Generally, it can be targeted for infection and other pathogenic factors, as well as pain, urinary tract irritation symptoms and other major symptoms; and according to the characteristics of a long course of CP, herbal ingredients are safe with reasonable compatibility, it is conducive to the long-term use of patients.
Although there is no concept of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis in traditional Chinese medicine, patients will have a burning sensation on the testicles, yellow urine, frequent urination, yellow, white and greasy tongue coating, and these symptoms belong to the Heat strangury category from TCM point of view. 
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the blockage of Qi and blood in the prostate leads to the failure of the effective discharge of prostate metabolites, which results in the blockage of the prostate gland duct, leading to pathological changes. Therefore, it is necessary to use drugs with functions of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis to unblock the blockage in the treatment.

The peach kernel and red peony in the formula of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving pain and swelling, unblocking the blocked prostate gland and eliminating the pain of the patients; the heat-clearing and detoxifying effects can effectively remove the cause, eliminate the symptoms of frequent and urgent urination and other symptoms of patients.
In addition, there are many aseptic prostatitis patients who will be melancholy, fidgety, insomnia, and there are also herbs that can strengthen the liver and relieve depression added in the formula to help adjust the mental status and restore health. Moreover, this pill is a complete herbal prescription with strict combination, so it will not produce drug resistance. Whether it is chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or chronic bacterial prostatitis, it can achieve a great curative effect.

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