Attention! Too Much Stress May Lead To Prostatitis

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The etiology of prostatitis is complex, and many drugs are difficult to reach the lesions, resulting in a long-time incurable, repeated attacks of the disease.
The symptoms of different patients with prostatitis are significantly varying. Acute prostatitis is more obvious, while chronic prostatitis features a variety of manifestations, in which the symptoms are not proportional to the severity of the inflammation. Patients are also easy to delay the timing of treatment, resulting in difficulties in future treatment.

tense prostatitis

Beware of "tense prostatitis".

Many men in the office such as young white-collar workers and middle-aged managers may suffer from frequent urination, urgent urination, perineum and anus discomfort, swelling and pain in the lower abdomen and testis when their pressure suddenly increase or they become depressed emotionally. Sometimes there will be impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms.
At present, more and more investigations show that mental tension is one of the important inducements of chronic prostatitis. Especially in the many causes of chronic prostatitis, tension is also a potential factor.
Doctors claim that a considerable number of patients with prostatitis have nervous, anxiety, depression and other psychological symptoms. And patients with prostatitis accompanied by pain and neurasthenia tend to think that their physical discomfort and pain are worse, meaning their perceived symptoms are often overstated more than actual illness. This condition is called "tense prostatitis."
Doctors remind that long-term stress, anxiety and other negative emotions can also lead to psychological sexual dysfunction in men. The lack of sexual life is very adverse to the health of the prostate gland, because sexual life helps male discharge part of the inflammatory secretions in the prostate fluid. Absent sex for a long period of time can cause and aggravate the prostatitis as well.

tense prostatitis
Therefore, patients with prostatitis, especially in the long-term tension, need to be treated in time, and also need to pay attention to behavioral therapy of emotional relief.
Commonly, patients with prostatitis can have difficulty urinating and, in severe cases, retention of urine. Sometimes there will be hematuria and pyuria, seriously affecting the health of men. Luckily, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to solve your painful symptoms.
This is a herbal medicine that can be able to treat symptoms caused by prostatitis, particularly the chronic prostatitis. It is made from more than fifty selected herbal ingredients that are totally harmless and do not lead to any side effects. So patients can take the pill for a long period of time to get a complete cure.
After systematic and standardized treatment for a certain period, most patients can obtain clinical efficacy and effectively improve the quality of life. Remember, prostatitis will not only cause a great deal of physical and psychological pain to patients, but also affect the quality of life and fertility. If the patient can seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and cooperate with the doctor's treatment, his condition will be greatly relieved.

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