Why Do Young People Tend To Suffer From Prostatitis?

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In recent years, the incidence of prostatitis is increasing, but the age of the patients is declining. What caused that?
Doctors point out that with the acceleration of the pace of life, young people's lifestyle and working style have changed a lot, which directly caused them to develop a lot of bad habits, thus causing prostatitis.
1. Often sit for a long time.
More and more young people work in the office, and they sit in front of the computer all day. Sitting for a long time will compress the prostate, resulting in congestion of the prostate, easy to cause prostatitis.

prostatitis in men
2. Often hold urine.
As well as being sedentary, young people also tend to hold in their urine. Because of heavy work commitments, they often skip the time to go to the toilet. But this can also lead to too much pressure on the prostate, leading to prostatitis.
3. Often eat unhealthy food.
Due to the rush of time, young people usually have a very rapid breakfast, while their lunch is takeaway, and they especially like to eat spicy food, which can easily stimulate the prostate. And these foods with no sufficient nutrition can not meet the needs of the body, leading to the decline of body resistance. A weak body can't stand the challenge of inflammation, so they can easily get caught up in prostatitis.
4. Wear tight pants all the time.
Tight pants are very popular among young people, they think it is very cool. But pants that are too tight can put pressure on your private areas, including the prostate. And the poor air permeability of these clothes can easily lead to moisture, causing bacterial growth, which may lead to prostatitis.
5. Lack physical exercise.
Current young people need more physical exercise, which is an indisputable fact. Because of the demands of work and study, as well as recreation, there is not much time for young people to be physically active. Even if they do make time for exercise, they can't do it for long, because young people often do things on impulse. So young people's body resistance is poor and they can easily get sick.

prostatitis in men
6. Have sexual life excessively.
Too much sex will bring great physical burden to the patient, so that the prostate is seriously congested, thus causing prostatitis. And young people have poor self-control, who are easy to fall into the trap of sexual desire, leading them to indulge in sexual experience and pleasure, but ignore the harm of these behaviors to the body.
Therefore, if young people don’t get rid of these bad habits, they will be prone to prostatitis and other physical problems. If you unluckily suffer from prostatitis, you need to get treated in time in any case.
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