Your Prostate is Fragile! 6 Ways To Protect Your Prostate

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The prostate, an essential organ of the male body, is closely related to the sexual organs and sexual ability. If men ignore injury to the prostate, it is easy to cause various problems. Therefore, men must notice the prostate and take measures to protect the prostate. Keep in mind the following points to prevent the prostate is injured.

Which points can be made to protect the prostate?
1. Maintain emotional stability.
Know that good emotions are good medicine, which can cure many diseases. When the mood is relaxed and comfortable, the body will not be in a state of tension, the prostate can also be relieved, and blood circulation will be smooth.
2. Control your sex life.
Don't think that men are still young and that frequent sex will not affect health. During sex, the prostate will be congested repeatedly. Extreme sex will cause the prostate congestion not to be alleviated, and prostatitis will occur over time. Therefore, it is necessary to control the time of sexual life, give enough time to repair the prostate, and pay awareness that excessive abstinence can also cause damage to the prostate, so the frequency of sexual life should be controlled.
3. Don't hold back urine.
Holding back urine can irritate the prostate. Bacteria in the urine will flow back to the bladder and prostate, and stay in it, which will cause the prostate and bladder to be repeatedly stimulated. Over time, it will cause a series of related problems, such as prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia.
4. Drink plenty of water.
Water is the source of life for the body. Sufficient hydration can excrete the body's metabolites through urine, and water can dilute the urine to prevent excessive urine concentration from stimulating the prostate and avoid damage to the prostate.
5. Avoid genital friction.
Underwear should be made of pure cotton and can not be too tight. Underwear that is too tight will often rub against the genitals, causing poor blood circulation around the genitals. In addition, keep the genitals dry and avoid moist genitals to breed bacteria and harm the reproductive organs, including the prostate.
6. Don't let the prostate catch a cold.
Cold prostate will cause increased sympathetic nerve excitability and not cause increased pressure in the urethra to cause reflux, thereby harming the prostate. Therefore, whether in summer or winter, take measures to keep warm, especially in summer, avoid sitting on cold stone slabs for a long time.
The prostate is very fragile, so men should be vigilant and not ignore it as it is hidden in the body and not easily hurt. In addition, maintenance measures should be taken in peacetime to improve prostate function. 
When men find that they have inflammation of reproductive organs, seek medical treatment to prevent the inflammation from rising, which will cause the prostate to be affected. Men can usually eat more fruits and vegetables to add water and nutrients, especially tomatoes. The lycopene in tomatoes can protect the prostate, reduce prostate diseases, and prevent other organs from being affected.
If men have prostatitis, seek medical treatment in time to avoid aggravation or even infertility. For treatment, patients can choose herbal medicine for conservative treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The herbal medicine does not produce sequelae or complications like surgery. It will not produce resistance or side effects like antibiotic treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects and can diuretic and relieve leaching and promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis after long-term use.

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