Prostatitis Diet: Leeks to Eat Or Avoid?

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Prostatitis is a common male reproductive system disease. There are many causes of prostatitis. In addition to going to a regular hospital for inspection and treatment, men should also pay attention to daily conditioning.
There is a folk saying that chives can strengthen the sun. So can patients with prostatitis eat leeks?

Prostatitis can be properly eaten with leeks, but you can't eat more because leeks are spicy food, and excessive use may aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis. But generally, as long as you don't overeat, it will not affect the prostate.
Prostatitis may have kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency syndrome types from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. If prostatitis is caused by kidney yin deficiency, it is not particularly good to eat leeks because leeks can warm and replenish kidney yang. If too many leeks are used for patients with kidney yin deficiency, it may aggravate the disease.
But if it is prostatitis of kidney yang deficiency type, eating leeks will help improve the prostate condition. Therefore, whether you can eat leeks for prostatitis can only be said that you can eat them correctly, but do not overeat. If you want a complete diagnosis, you can go to the hospital to judge the type of prostatitis through syndrome differentiation treatment before further confirmation.
Antibiotics are the first choice for the treatment of prostatitis. Common antibiotics include levofloxacin, azithromycin, doxycycline, etc. If the symptoms are severe, intravenous antibiotics may be required, and patients with mild symptoms must take the total amount of antibiotics for complete treatment according to the doctor's advice.
Patients can also choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is particularly effective for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. It can eliminate not only the symptoms but also the causes to achieve the goal of a complete cure.
What should prostatitis patients eat?
1. Eat some fresh seafood properly
Oysters, shrimps, and crabs in seafood are rich in zinc, while male semen contains a lot of zinc. If zinc is insufficient in the body, it will affect the quantity and quality of sperm. Therefore, patients with prostatitis can eat more seafood, which can alleviate the decline in sperm quality caused by prostatitis.
2. Supplement more protein
The body of prostatitis patients needs a lot of protein to promote the body's self-healing and to improve the body's immunity to fight inflammation, so pay attention to supplementing protein at this time. You can eat more egg white, lean meat, or fish, which are rich in protein.
3. Vitamin C
Prostatitis can affect sperm treatment, while vitamin C can improve sperm vitality. Moreover, the sperm quality of men will gradually decline from the age of 24, so even ordinary men should pay attention to maintaining sperm vitality. Foods rich in vitamin C include kiwi fruit, orange, broccoli, asparagus, etc. Eating more of these foods can help improve the quality of sperm and relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. In addition, vitamin C can promote the secretion of paraadrenocortical hormones and help fight against stress.
In addition to eating more of the above foods, we should also pay attention to the regular work and rest in our daily life and develop the habit of drinking more water. Prostatitis is a disease that can be cured. You don't need to put too much pressure on yourself. Adjusting your mind will also help you recover from prostatitis.
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