The medication to treat prostatitis and vesiculitis

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As the orifice of prostatic duct and orifice of spermatic duct are both near posterior urethra and close to each other, which closely are linked, prostatitis and vesiculitis have much similarities in their ways of infection, causes of inflammation and clinical symptoms. The prostatitis causes vesiculitis through the reverse current of inflammatory prostatic fluid dischareged by the prostate; on the other hand, the inflammation of vesiculitis can also easily infect the prostate and cause prostatitis. On this point, 60% of the cases of prostatitis break out along with vesiculitis, which is called prostatovesiculitis. What’s more, in the test of prostatic fluid and seminal vesicle fluid, same pathogens can be found.

Patients with prostatitis have typical symptoms like hypogastralgia, testicular pain, straining feeling in perineum and pain in groin. The main symptom of vesiculitis is hemospermia. The routine examination result of semen shows that there are quantities of hematids and leukocytes in semen; the routine examination result of prostate shows that the number of lecithin body decreases, the number of leukocyte increases and the germiculture is positive. Patients feel slight tenderness in hypogastrium, perineum and suprapubic parts. Pathological changes of prostatic hypertrophy and spermatic hypertrophy can be examined. Prostatovesiculitis may cause oligospermia, necrospermia, unliquefying of semen and thus lead male infertility, which clinically shows in prostatitis shows prostatic symptoms and vesiculitis shows hemospermia. Laboratory examination shows exceptional or pathogens exist in prostatic fluid; exceptional changes or pathogens exist in seminal vesicle fluid, which can be examined through semen examination indirectly.
Traditional Chinese medicine has homotherapy for heteropathy. As prostate and spermatophore locate close, would infect each other easily and have similar symptoms, homotherapy is quite appropriate in traditional Chinese medicine. Doctor Li's Chinese medical clinic in Wuhan use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill,which had applied for patent, to cure hemospermia syndrome, along with the stasis dissolving and hemostatic medicine to cure prostatovesiculitis. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can detoxicate and kill bacteria, invigorate blood circulation to remove blood stasis, activate Qi to relieve pain, and induce diuresis fro treating strangurtia. Patients who take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can achieve the purpose of getting stanched, all symptoms getting eliminated and all norms of examinations are back to normal. While prostatitis and vesiculitis get cured, male infertility,which caused by the former, can be cured synchronously.