How to Permanently Cure Seminal Vesiculitis?

Date:2018-12-08 click:0
How to permanently cure seminal vesiculitis? It can be a question which suffers most seminal vesiculitis patients. As one of common male genital system diseases, seminal vesiculits do much harm to male's health. The seminal vesicle is on the back of bladder. Because of its special formation, when inflammation occurs there, it can hardly be permanently cured. Here are some tips for the patients. 
1 Choose antibiotics for the actue period.
For acute seminal vesiculitis, extra one to two months treatment is needed when the symptoms are eliminated by antibiotics. For chronic seminal vesiculitis, antibiotics should be taken over four weeks in order to radically cure it. However, due to the drug resistance, antibiotics will be noneffective to treat the illness if patients take it for a long time. Besides, this medicine will bring some side effects to the patients'liver and kidney. 
2. Choose natural and effectve herbal treatment
When the antibiotcs show ineffective to the ilness, or the acute disease has developped to chronic type, patients need to change another treatment.For example, patient s can take the heral medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammmatory pill. It is a natural medicine that works effectively to the inflamation of the seminal vesicle.Besides, it has been approved by SIPO, patients can take it trustworthily. 
3. To lie down and have more rest.
This is for keeping a unobstructed bowel movement. 
4 Have lesser intercourses.
Sexual organs would congest when having sex, this has negative influence on the disease.
5 Keep a good diet.
Do not eat irritating food, including alcohol and spicy food.
6 Try to be happy.
Being in positive mood while taking the treatment of seminal vesicultiis is helpful.