Symptoms of Seminal Vesiculitis

Date:2018-12-08 click:0

Seminal vesiculitis is inflammation of the seminal vesicles. It often occur independently, sometimes can also occur as a secondary disease of prostatitis.


Symptoms of seminal vesiculitis may include:


1. Pain
Patients wish acute seminal vesiculitis often experience pain in lower abdomen, perineum area and groin. For chronic seminal vesiculiis, pain often occur slightly in upper pubis and sometimes in perineum area. These pain would aggravate after ejaculation.


2. Urinate problems
Urgent urinate, frequent urinate, burning urinate is one of the obvious symptoms. Sometimes is can be difficult to empty the bladder.


3. Blood in semen
The semen can be pink, and sometimes blood clot can be seen.


4. Other symptoms
Fever, feeling cold, blood in urine can also occur.