Does Anti-Inflammatory Treat UTI?

Date:2018-12-02 click:0

In August, a multinational expert's study group in the British Medical Journal "Lancet Infectious Diseases" published a research report. They found a new super resistant bacterium which is resistant to almost all antibiotics in the 37 British humanity in South Asia. The British Ministry of health immediately issued this warning, and use the name of India's capital New Delhi, and named such resistance bacteria gene as the "New Delhi metalloproteinase -1", i.e. "NDM-1", and the naming method once cause the India health Department a strong opposition.

Super bacteria are terrible because of its drug resistance, especially to antibiotics, i.e. the anti-inflammatory, also known as the "antibiotic". The function of anti-inflammatory is to kill the bacteria which cause diseases, so it has therapeutic effects on disease that caused by the bacteria. In general, anti-inflammatory is used to treat a variety of bacterial or other pathogenic microorganism infections. The commonly used anti-inflammatory are antibiotic levofloxacin, azithromycin, cephalosporins, sulfonamides etc.
In daily life, we often call the anti-inflammatory. In fact, anti-inflammatory is also called antibiotics. It showed that once this super bacterial infection occur, some more critically patients will have some inflammation performances, and usually perform as UTI, such as lung, blood or wound, and this kind of infection is not easy to be controlled.
Rational use of anti-inflammatory will not cause drug resistance. Experts said that the best method of using anti-inflammatory is "a knife die". The most taboo is the "soft knife". Due to the use of an inadequate dose, bacteria will slowly have the habits of antibiotics, and this may produce drug resistance. Pay more attention on the dosage, dosage form, frequency, and use cycle etc. as so to avoid drug bacteria resistance. In some sense, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill works well. It can spare a lot of trouble, and cure the disease at the same time.
Although that, it isn't easy for healthy people with normal resistance to infection drug-resistant. Thus, just do not worry about that. In daily life, pay attention to the ventilation window and personal hygiene, and wash hands frequently, take more exercises can help us improve the resistance, and can prevent the infection of bacteria resistant effectively.